deal with

deal with
deal [n1] agreement, bargain accord, arrangement, buy, compromise, conception, contract, pact, pledge, prearrangement, transaction, understanding; concept 684 —Ant. disagreement, misunderstanding deal [n2] amount, share abundance, degree, distribution, extent, plenty, plethora, portion, quantity, shake, superabundance, transaction; concepts 344,787,835 deal [n3] distribution of playing cards appointment, chance, cut and shuffle*, fresh start, game, hand, opportunity, round; concept 363 deal [v2] do business bargain, barter, bicker, buy and sell, dicker*, hammer out deal*, handle, horse trade*, knock down price*, negotiate, sell, stock, swap, trade, traffic, treat, work out deal; concept 324 —Ant. deny, refuse deal [v3] distribute administer, allot, apportion, assign, bestow, come across with*, deliver, disburse, dish out*, dispense, disperse, disseminate, divide, divvy*, dole out*, drop, fork out*, fork over*, give, hand out, impart, inflict, measure, mete out, partake, participate, partition, render, reward, share, strike; concepts 108,140 —Ant. hold, keep  deal / deal with [v1] handle, manage act, approach, attend to, behave, behave toward, clear, concern, conduct oneself, consider, control, cope with, direct, discuss, get a handle on something*, hack it*, handle, have to do with, live with*, make a go of it*, make it*, oversee, play, review, rid, see to, serve, take, take care of, treat, unburden, use; concepts 94,117 —Ant. mismanage

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